source site Super excited! Cold Days by Jim Butcher and Trapped! by Kevin Hearn are both released at midnight tonight.


My intention was to re-read the Dresden Files series before I got started, but I have failed that. I am only up to Dead Beat (book 7). I read Quicksilver, the first book in Neil Stephenson's Baroque Trilogy, and since it is an extremely long and dense book, it took way long to finish. PLus, it's been busy this year. I'm just going to read Cold Days and then get back to Dead Beat when I'm done(with Trapped as well, of course), since I usually re-read the new DF book immediately anyway.

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In this read through of DF, I have really seen a lot of foreshadowing and tidbits that I never noticed before. I think in the last 2 books, we have been let in on some things that really shed some light on background from the early books. I guess the short stories as well.

I don't think I'm going to re-read the Iron Druid series again right now. After all, it's only been a couple of months since I read those anyway, but who knows. Once I finish DF again, I may need a fix. I guess I also have a list that Peter gave me that I need to get back to as well as the stack of graphic novels that Mack gave me.

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