3 pounds ground sirloin
  1 pound ground pork
  4 pounds ground sirloin
 or (best solution)
  4 pounds smoked beef brisket cut into 1 inch cubes with excess fat removed
  2-3 large onions (sweet or yellow)
  1 green bell pepper
  2 red bell pepper
  18 jalepenos (I remove membrane and seeds to remove heat element)
  7 serrano peppers
  2 pablano peppers
  4-8 habenero peppers (this is where you control your heat level, the more you can add, the better the smoky habenero flavor)
  5 cloves of garlic or 3 tbsp minced garlic ( I add more than this)
  1-2 tbsp ground cumin
  1 tsp allspice
  1-2 tbsp Blackstrap Molasses
  1-2 tbsp soy sauce
  6-8 bay leaves
Canned Goods:
  1 large can stewed,crushed, or whole(crush by hand) tomatoes (20 or 28oz cans, I think)
  1 large can tomato paste (size is 8-12 oz, I think)
  1 large can tomato sauce (20-28oz maybe) (this I just add until it looks right, at least half the can, maybe more than one can)
  2-3 large cans kidney bean (once again, 20-28oz size can)

You need a big pot.   I think the one I use is 28 quart, but  I used to use a 12 quart, so that can work, but it will be tight.

1) chop veggies.  I have a press that chops them pretty fine, but it really doesn\'t matter.

2) put some oil in the pot to saute the veggies.  maybe 3-4tbsp of olive/canola oil or bacon grease turn up to high heat.

3) put veggies in pot and saute until they get soft. Add salt an black pepper to the veggies as you begin to saute, that will draw out the water, and season it as it sautes.  To add a little extra flavor, you can saute until they begin to brown a bit.

4) put the meat in the pot and scramble with the veggies until it is all cooked.  As you begin scrambling, you want to season the meat with salt and black pepper.  Don\'t get too carried away with the salt, as you can always add more later, but you can\'t take it out.

5) Add canned tomatoes and stir.  Since the volume of veggies and meat can vary slightly, add half the tomato sauce first, and get it all stirred in, then add more until you get it to the right red color and saucy consistency.  You can add more stewed or crushed tomatos as well as tomato sauce until it looks right for you.

6) Add and mix in the spices into the sauce.

7) Add canned beans (I like Kidneys, but you can substitute any varieties you like, or leave them out if you don\'t like beans.)  In my old pot, I could only add as many beans as I had space left in the pot.  This is why the beans are my last step.  In my new pot, I\'ve always got plenty of room, so I add beans until I get the ratio of beans to chilli meat sauce that I like.

8) At this point you should taste to see if you need more salt or black pepper, also check the pepper-heat.  Keep in mind, as it cooks down a bit, it will get a little bit hotter, but at this point, finely dice more habenero to put in if it need more heat.

9) once the whole mixture gets to a slow bubble, turn down the heat to low and simmer for at least 3 hours,stirring occasionally.

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