Day Zero

We found out Cozy Corner got burned down, so we instead tried out an alternate BBQ place and we\\\'d go check out Cozy Corner the next day.

source link Bar-B-Q Shop - Hipster neighborhood with the high prices you would expect from that.  The BBQ was fine, but there are many better options.  I ordered a plate with  Ribs, Pork and Brisket to get a sampling.  Big Red flags when it arrived, both pork and beef were chopped rather than sliced or pulled. These are not serious BBQ guys for sure.  Very good potato salad, though.

go to link Dyer\\\'s Burgers - You can\\\'t go wrong with Vitamin G.  Don\\\'t get a Single Burger, get at least a Double-Double (2 patties with 2 cheese) or a Tripple-Tripple.  The Baloney Sandwiches are also a great choice.  The Baloney is deep fried instead of grilled as most places in Memphis, but it is still very good.

Gibsons\\\'s Doughnuts - Check out the video listed below for Food Network info, but this is a great Doughnut place.  The trick is the timing.  It\\\'s 24 hours, but they make the new doughnuts for the day at around midnight.  At 11PM, they have a half price sale for whatever\\\'s left of the previous day\\\'s doughnuts.  So the later you go in the day, the less selection you have.  So you should go at 2AM or wait until the morning to go.

Day One

follow url Cozy Corner - Original location burned down, but they have opened up temporarily right across the street until they get the Original place rebuilt.  This is the best BBQ we have found in Memphis so far with the possible exception of Central BBQ explained below.  You should look especially for Baloney Sandwich (I know what you are thinking, but trust me, this is not what you are thinking about a Baloney Sandwich), Rib Ends (this is the small, less meaty burnt ends of the rib rack, and the best part), Chicken Wings (I\\\'ve never had better wings anywhere), and The Cornish Game Hen (Whole smoked and basted with the sauce). 

Shadows Over Camelot

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Elwood\\\'s Shack - This is literally a shack behind Lowes.  I think this place is a great gem to try.  I don\\\'t think their BBQ is the best, but they have lots of Deli Sandwiches which are really good.  Pimento cheese is good there, and Armadillo Eggs, which are Pickled Jalepenos stuffed with Pimento Cheese.

Kung Fury

Betrayal on the House on the Hill

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Day Two

follow site Cozy Corner

La Michoacana - Mexican Ice Cream Parlor.  Don\\\'t miss this place.  We made ourselves sick with gigantic portions of ice cream for $5.  The also have lots of interesting flavors of Paletas (Mexican Pop-cicles).

Machi Koro

Nuclear War

Central Barbeque - This is the first place we have found that can compare to Cozy Corner.  The Ribs are fantastic.  I would say the Ribs are better than Cozy Corner\\\'s regular ribs, but gets just edged out by Cozy Corner\\\'s Rib Ends.  As in most of Memphis, the Brisket was bland and uninspired.  The surprise hit was the marinaded Portobello stuffed with smoked Gouda sandwich.  That was worth the trip there.

Flash Point

Castle Panic

Day Three

Gus\\\'s World Famous Fried Chicken - Really good spicy fried chicken.  Some locations are not goood, though, so I would stick with the original location in Mason Tennessee, or the Mendenhall location in Memphis.  There is a location opened in ATL near the Aquarium, but I haven\\\'t been there yet.  I will try it ASAP.

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