enter site Got comments working on for Andy. Only took a bit of wrangling. That ComicCMS software is pretty well designed stuff actually. I recommend it for anyone who wants to put together a quick comic strip site.

I'm putting software on my 3rd and final HTPC tonight. I was pretty cavalier obviously about this one , and I keep forgetting parts. Gonna take me an extra several days to get it completed.

Great Shadowrun this past Friday. Mack and I have been working on building some Rules and spreadsheets to help build SR4 characters in the Karma build style instead of the Build Point Style. You can find the spreadsheet at...

here I forgot to mention that I have been working on some Home Theater PCs. Vic and I setup a Drobo and have begun ripping all my DVD collection and re-encoding it to an MK4 format. This gets all that content out on my network so I can use it from any TV I want without searching for discs. I have one setup on the TV where I work out, so I can play Hulu content to keep me occupied while I exercise. I like it so much I have been lamenting not having an HTPC at my other TVs, so I have order parts for another one that I should have this week.

here I'll try to get some photos up after I build it, because I thin kit will be nice. I've tried lots of software for playing stuff on it. I had originally discounted Boxee because Hulu is a must for me, and Hulu had some lawsuit to stop Boxee from playing stuff, but apparently, that has been worked out, because Hulu is back in. I've been playing with Boxee, and I like it a lot.

source I'm for sure going to get a 3rd PC, but my difficulty is that my big TV downstairs is old and does not have HMDI. It is much rarer to find PC components with component output instead of HDMI. Anyhow, these are good problems to have, I guess. Some people don't even have 65 inch TVs, I hear.

June has been a long hard month. I'm not sure July will be sweet, but it at least looks to return to reasonable levels of work.

Jonathan is back in the States finally, but not here. I'm looking forward to some Shadowrun that doesn't involve Skype video.

Went over to visit Jose last night. Got him setup mostly to raid with his DK. We've been going partially through Ulduar for the last several weeks, so we could use some good DPS to get through the other bosses. We actually can put together great DPS, but people can only go for short times, so extra numbers who can carry the DPS as replacements will help.

I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online with Charles as they have a special cheap offer to try it. For normal quest/fight stuff, it's not really that different from World of Warcraft. The thing that I really like about it is the in-end Music System. Like Asheron's Call 2, you can pick up various musical instruments and play them. Unlike AC2, you don't have set music it will play. You can actually press keys to play notes manually if you want, which could be very challenging, but you can also make files in the ABC music format to get your tune to play. It's kind of like a MIDI file, except it's in text. It's supposed to be so it is human readable, but as far as I found, it's barely easier to read than a binary format. Anyway, you can make different parts for different instruments, and synchronize with other players and have bands going. Pretty fun way to waste time.

Anywho, here are some links if you are interested in ABC

I can't believe it's been a couple of months since my last entry. I have a longish post detailing my New Zealand trip, but with loads of work for the last few months, I've never gotten it finished enough to publish, so I'll skip it and move on. Hopefully I'll Break it into smaller pieces and finish it up soon.

I built a Home Theater PC for the guest room, so I can watch Hulu and other streaming site while I exercise. Have to take away as many reason not to exercise as possible. At least until I can buy exercise pills.

Clear's Atlanta Market Launch is tomorrow. This is good for me because they are my biggest client, and I've put a lot of time into helping them get a launch nation wide, but now I can tell my friends who are having trouble getting high speed internet that they have another option now, at least in the Atlanta Market.

Jonathan will be back in the next couple of weeks, so that's good. I'm hoping he will get a job around in this area. I actually talk with him more since he's been in NZ than when he was in Penn, but still it'll be nice to be able to have him around for Shadowruns and stuff. We were pretty successful doing that over Skype video phone, but still, in person is better.

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